Gujarat: No schools until after Diwali? Parents say safety first

 Schools will not start till Diwali, an important decision of the education department

An important decision has been made by the Department of Education in view of the growing transition to Corona.  Now not a single school in the state will start till Diwali.  The new session will start after Diwali.  Online education is currently being emphasized by the Minister of Education.

Parents, students and teachers and administrators were also confused about whether schools would start.  An important decision has been taken by the government in this regard today.  Not a single winter will start till Diwali.  Schools will be started with consideration after Diwali.

An official announcement is yet to be made that schools in Gujarat will not open till Diwali, but sources in Gandhinagar said that this was considered in today's meeting.  An announcement will be made shortly.

 Big news about opening schools in the state

 The school will not open in the state till Diwali

 Consider whether to open schools after Diwali

 There has been big news about opening schools in the state.  Not only has the state decided not to open schools till Diwali, but it is also considering whether to open schools after Diwali.

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