Gujarat ma Navaratri festival canceled

 News: State level Navratri festival canceled

AHMEDABAD: The Government of Gujarat has no clear stance on Navratri 2020 planning in the state this year.  According to the new guideline, more than 100 people can gather at any event.  They are thinking of ways to plan.  He also said that the decision would be taken by the state president keeping in mind the players' guidelines or not.  Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel himself is personally addressing the issue.

Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani has decided not to celebrate the state level Navratri festival, which will be celebrated by the state government from October 17 to 25 this year, due to the current global Koro epidemic.  The Chief Minister also said that this important decision was taken in the wider public interest.  As per the decision of the Chief Minister, the traditional state level Navratri festival celebrated by the state government every year will not be celebrated this year.

It may be mentioned here that many famous Garba festivals organized in Gujarat have been canceled.  This has already been announced by the organizers of these events.  That is when the government canceled its official program.  On the other hand, artists and other related decorations and many businessmen are constantly demanding the government to allow Navratri to be organized.  They follow the guidelines of the entire Corona of Navratri

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