Gujarati Status, Shayari and Suvichar

 Gujarati Status, Shayari and Suvichar

 I am sharing with you wonderful and inspiring ideas that will motivate you for the goal of your life and also give you information.  We have created this beautiful Gujarati Suvichar collection for you. Enjoy, share it with your friends and you can easily download these images.

 You can print these Motivational Quotes and this other beautiful Suvichar from my website in your home or office which will keep you inspired every day.  There is another fun idea in our website that you can share with your friends on whatsapp and facebook and other social media.

It may seem a little strange to say friends but you must have also experienced that the world runs according to the law of need.  A true example of this is the sun. If a human being needs the sun in winter, then he prays to God that if summer comes, it will be very cold and if summer is felt, the sun will feel harsh.

This may sound bitter but it is true that you are as good as you like but you will be bad in some life.  Listening to this, you must have realized what I am saying.  Friends you can let me know your thoughts by writing in the comment box below this blog.

Sometimes we don't have to lose in certain situations of life but we live to lose.  It often happens in life that we lose even though we try our best but your same defeat teaches you something iimportant

 If I don't think it's true, then look at all the great people of today. Most of the great people became great and successful because they were filed, they lost their efforts many times and learned and today they became great.

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 Learn what happens in life and move on

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